Mmmmm … Mustard ice-cream


HOT mustard-flavoured ice-cream is set to hit UK supermarket shelves this month. This dairy ‘delight’ was designed and created by celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal for Waitrose.


“This is the first commercial savoury ice-cream,” said the Michelin chef.



It does contain sugar, but other traditional sweet flavourings have been swapped for Pommery grain mustard.

“It is both sweet and savoury at the same time,” said Chef Heston.

It became a hit after he created it for his restaurant The Fat Duck in Berkshire.

“Mustard ice-cream may sound a bit strange at first glance, but served with a selection of cold meats or a tomato salad, it really comes into its own.”



  1. This is not true.
    I used to live in Mallorca in the 70s and 80s and I used to visit an ice cream parlour in Palma which had prawn, Camembert, and other savoury ice cream flavours.
    It was gorgeous!!!Heston is decades too late and not a pioneer b


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