Contortionist hid in suitcase to steal from luggage


THE regional police in Cataluña have arrested a contortionist who allegedly hid in a suitcase to steal from other people’s luggage while on a bus. He worked with an accomplice, who has also been arrested, on the bus travelling to Girona Airport.


One of them would buy a bus ticket at the Estacio del Nord in Barcelona, carrying a large suitcase which he hid in the luggage compartment on the bus. Once the vehicle was on its way, the contortionist would come out and search the luggage of other passengers to steal valuable objects such as electrical equipment which he would put in another suitcase.



When the bus arrived at its destination, the accomplice would collect the suitcase.

However, they were discovered last Friday when he left the other suitcase, where his colleague was hiding, on the bus, arousing the suspicions of other passengers who called security.

When police opened the case, they found the man holding a mobile phone, a small suitcase, a head-lamp and a tool to open zips and locks.


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