27 PSOE’s provincial branch members resign


MORE than half of the members of the ‘Provincial Executive’ of the Socialist Party in Almeria have resigned due to a disagreement with the president and the secretary. According to party statutes, this means that the organizations should disband immediately.


Twenty-seven members have handed in their resignation, as they do not agree with the policies of President Martin Soler and Provincial Secretary, Diego Asensio. Amongst them are people who have public positions within the Junta de Andalucia, as well as mayors, former delegates, interim mayors and former national deputies.



They said that “a stage must be closed, as the political project of the current provincial management has come to its end”. The group also said that these were “hard times” for the party, and they want a “united PSOE which makes more effort to give the best of each person”.

The Regional Executive Branch will now have to name a management committee until an extraordinary congress is called.



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