Parents of layabout sentenced to leave home try to find different solution


THE 25-year-old man whom a judge ruled should leave his parents’ home in Malaga (EWN 1347) is attending a family mediation programme with them. The young man was living in their home with all expenses paid for him and wasn’t studying or working. He was given a month to leave the house and his parents told to pay him €200 per month for two years.

However, they considered that the sentence did not satisfactorily resolve the conflict between them, and have returned to the programme they were attending before the trial.


The case came about when the young man reported his parents because they refused to give him money, despite the fact that he lives with them without paying a thing towards his food or accommodation, and they are paying €235 per month for his car.

He wanted them to be sentenced to pay him €400 per month.

His parents claimed in court that he abused and insulted them, something which their other son confirmed. They asked the judge to force him to leave home.



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