Women forced into prostitution with voodoo threats


POLICE arrested 10 people in Roquetas de Mar for their involvement in a network which sexually exploited Nigerian women in Almeria Province. The investigation discovered that the organisation had brought women from Nigeria to Spain illegally, forcing them into prostitution and threatening them and their relatives with voodoo rituals and kidnapping if they failed to comply.

All the members of the organisation were also Nigerians and had created an association called ‘Nigerian Progressive Women’s Movement’ to attract their victims, as well as having requested grants from the Junta de Andalucia which were refused.


The women were taken to Morocco via other countries, sometimes taking several months, then the leaders of the network would pay for them to be brought to Spain by boat.

Once here, they were taken to a house in the Yegua Verde areas, where they were abused and their passports taken from them.



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