Woman acquitted of killing husband


A WOMAN who killed her husband in Toledo in 2006 has been found ‘not guilty’ for the second time in the Castilla-La Mancha Supreme Court of Justice. The woman, who stabbed her husband with a kitchen knife in their home, was first found innocent in Toledo Provincial Court in 2008. She had suffered 28 years of abuse at the hands of her husband.

At this more recent trial, experts explained that the trajectory of the wound proved that the knife was held firmly, and the injury was made in a downward motion which suggests the woman did not accidentally fall on him and stab him.


When she took the stand, she said she had never denied killing him, but that she didn’t realize what she was doing.

She asked the people’s jury, of five women and four men, to think of her children when they came to a decision, because prison “wouldn’t be the worst thing which could happen to her”.



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