Officer fined €200 for shooting dog


A COURT in Granada has sentenced a Local Police officer to pay a €200 fine for shooting a sleeping dog in the head. The policeman, from La Puebla de Don Fadrique, was driving a patrol car when he saw the dog asleep on the ground and shot it in the head, killing it, then threw the body into a rubbish container.

The dog was a Pekinese type weighing four kilos, which had an owner but was frequently seen wandering around the town on its own. Local residents had complained about it on several occasions.



The judge considered that despite the fact he had received orders from the local mayor to capture the dog, his actions showed “a lack of respect for animals”. However, the policeman was acquitted of animal abuse because it was considered that he did not make the animal suffer.

He will also have to pay the dog owner €225.



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