Woman wants State to admit responsibility in daughter’s murder


SOME 40 women’s associations are up in arms after the Constitutional Court failed to accept an appeal from a woman whose partner killed their daughter. They have requested support from the public prosecutor in their battle to get the Constitutional Court to admit to the State’s responsibility in the death.

The woman was a victim of abuse, but her husband was granted visitation rights to see their daughter, despite there being 47 different reports against him for threatening to kidnap the child, threatening to kill them both and physically and psychologically abusing both of them.


She requested that his visits with their daughter be supervised, but the court believed that it was more important for the father to see his daughter regularly. In April 2003, he murdered the seven-year-old girl in Arroyomolinos, Madrid, during a visit. He then committed suicide.

The mother considers that the State should admit to an abnormal functioning of justice, as no measures were taken to prevent a murder.

The National Court and the Supreme Court both rejected her demands, considering that that the State is not responsible. She therefore went to the Constitutional Court which has not admitted the appeal as it “has no constitutional relevance”.



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