Gay couple banned from ‘caseta’ for wanting to dance


A GAY couple has made a complaint in a Sevilla court after they were asked to leave a ‘caseta’ at the city fair for dancing together. The two men, who are married and in their thirties, were invited with another five friends to the ‘caseta’ at the fairground. At one point, they decided to dance ‘sevillanas’ together.

However, they were heard by another woman who ordered the musicians to stop playing, called her husband who is the president of the ‘caseta’, and informed the couple that they couldn’t dance because theirs is a “decent” ‘caseta’ where two men were not allowed to dance together, and exclaimed “what kind of a country are we living in” before asking them to leave, saying it was a private party.


However, the couple refused to leave and called the police.

The FACUA consumer group has requested that the city hall take away the caseta’s license for their homophobic behaviour unless they publicly apologise.

However, the city hall has said the ‘caseta’ is a private space which can choose to admit who they wish.



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