Voodoo councillor returns to local politics


A POLITICIAN from Barbate, Cadiz, who made headlines in 2003 after claiming he used magic to win the elections, has returned to local politics. In 2003, the Partido Barbateño Unido got two councillors and became the key to the Partido Popular gaining the majority to rule the town.

The spokesman, Jesus Marin, claimed he had paid for a black magic ceremony to win the elections, but he was later sued by the clairvoyant, Radhu, for failing to pay the €6,000 he owed for the satanic mass, although he had been given a computer worth €3,000.


Marin in turn sued Radhu for harassment, as he attended the local plenary meetings and Marin believed he was using voodoo against him as he made “magical gestures” which the councillor claimed made him feel ill. Radhu was fined €50 and a restraining order was issued against him.

The party disbanded in 2007 but now it has regrouped and is running in the local elections with Marin as the mayoral candidate.



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