Puppy Teeth


Did you know that a puppy has 28 teeth and that by the time it is seven to eight months of age it will have 42 teeth? Its head and mouth are changing shape, its gums may be sore and it has good reason to chew on anything it can get at. Don’t blame the dog for wanting to chew on you, your children or the furniture.

You and the children smell of you and that is very important and you are very soft and tasty. Don’t forget that furniture is just a stick.



Don’t blame the dog – just give him a nice tasting toy and smear them with a little honey, vegemite or peanut paste with your finger.


Puppy Growth

Did you know a puppy grows (ages) from 11 to 20 times faster than a human being in the first year (10 times faster in the second year)! This means that every three or four weeks in the first year, your puppy grows a year older. If you want an exceptionally good dog you must develop its behaviour to suit your home in the first and second year of its life.

Don’t let your children play tug-of-war with your puppy because the puppy will think that every time it sees one of the children, it is time to jump, nip at and get very excited with them. To the dog they are just other animals to play with. Underestimating the dog’s power, response to play and tenacity leads to children being bitten.




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