Gibraltar-Spain clash over jurisdiction (again)


JUST 10 days after Guardia Civil and the Royal Navy clashed off the coast of Gibraltar over an arrest of drugs traffickers, another stand-off took place. Gibraltar has reported an incident between a Spanish Army patrol boat and a merchant ship in Gibraltarian waters on Tuesday.

The Gibraltar government claims the Spanish boat approached the merchant ship and ordered it to leave because it didn’t have permission to remain in Spanish waters.


But none of the vessels being ‘harrassed’ by the Spanish Navy left the anchorage after the Gibraltar Port Authorities sent this message to them: “You are anchored in British Gibraltar Territorial Waters and Spanish Warship P74 has no jurisdiction over these waters, please remain at anchor”.

They then sent a pneumatic craft out to the Atalaya to warn them to desist in their actions.

A spokesperson for the Gibraltar Government has said that this blows out of the water the myth spread by the Spanish Foreign Affairs Minister, Trinidad Jimenez, who claims that the standstill of the Tripartite Forum is Gibraltar’s fault.



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