They are our finest export


WELL it’s finally over. William’s hitched, Catherine’s captured, and at last the media can talk about something else. Gawd, doesn’t it seem to have gone on forever? Don’t get me wrong. As a staunch royalist, I enjoyed every minute of the actual event, even to the point of participating of a street party in Pollenca. But the run up media saturation all but did my brains in.

Once again, on the day, the TV wheeled out a whole host of new faces endeavouring to act like presenters. Some of their questions to the general public were positively inane. One woman interviewed wore a hat with a large photograph of the loving couple on the front. She was clad in apparel made from Union Jacks and was waving a Union Jack flag. Unbelievably the female reporter asked ‘why are you here?’ Why the hell did she think the woman was there, to see who won the 3.30 at Plumpton?

Another classic was to a group of some half dozen people, who had positioned themselves right in the front on the corner of the Mall. The moronically inspired question to these people was ‘why have you chosen to stand there?’ Unh? To watch the snooker final at the crucible perhaps? The mind boggles. Ah well, it was a wonderful ‘do’. Those who reckon the monarchy don’t earn their keep really should be made to eat their words. That one particular episode alone was worth untold millions in publicity and goodwill.


All the Royal events, colour trooping ect., bring in  tremendous numbers of tourists, who pour fortunes into the coffers of the auld country. They are our finest export. Long may they reign; to my mind, apart from a few idle spongers, they are all definitely value for money.

I particularly loved the atmosphere in the Abbey. Wonderfully uplifting, full of love and happiness; with soaring exalted music and a boggling Technicolor array of fascinating costumes and outfits. And most importantly all extremely Christian. Christians enjoying a celebration of life on this wonderful planet of ours. Not clad in sackcloth and ashes trying to destroy it! How other religions must envy the freedom and pure joy exuded by the brethren of Christ in this wonderful building of worship and how disillusioned and defeated when they realise that nothing, least of all acts of primitive violence, will ever triumph over it.

One thing that did make me laugh was Victoria Beckham’s hat! Perched on her forehead it looked for the entire world like some kind if dinosaur battering ram. I also understand she mimed to the hymns as well. Oh well, old habits and all that!

Actually quite a few wore this odd forehead millinery. One looked like the set of cardboard antlers you can buy at Christmas.  Ooo… now I’m getting bitchy, probably a good time to check out this week. Have a good one. Try and do a good turn or two. And whatever ya do. Always keep the faith  

Love Leapy



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