First biomass facility at Benidorm campsite


THE Arena-Blanca campsite in Benidorm has launched the first biomass facility in Spain which will supply users with heating services and hot water. As such, the campsite has become ecologically self-sustaining and is a pioneer in the use of clean energy. It has all the quality certifications and is in accordance with the facilities requirements, according to the town hall.

This biomass boiler converts wood waste from around the province into fuel, wood chips and pellets.


The wood waste is derived mainly from plant cuttings supplied by the company Eona Biomass, which is based in Santa Pola and dedicated to biomass production and the installation of boilers, including the one in use at the campsite.

They offer sustainable energy production that is not dependent on external factors including petroleum oil or gas.

Since the energy is derived from agricultural pruning and gardening waste, there is a zero net balance in the contribution of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

There are plans to install biomass boilers in other campsites in the province. Biomass is any renewable organic matter, both animal and vegetal. The different types include natural biomass, dry or wet residue and energy crops.

By Nicole Hallett



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