€5.53 million extra put on 2011 budget


FIVE amendments for grants worth €5.53 million on the 2011 budget were approved at the Consell plenary on Tuesday. The biggest grant was €4.27 million for the Ministry of Public Works. Another big budget item was the processing of grants to cultural institutions for a total of €1,021,975.

Although for this item there final decision was made by the president’s casting vote as the rest of the votes were tied with 16 in favour and 16 against.

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Five others, worth €594,445 were rejected.

They included the Rural Mallorca Association, the Mallorca Musicians for Language, the Mallorcan Equestrian Sports Institute, a transfer for the Mallorca Tourism Association for nearly €100,000, and a collaboration agreement with UIB for scholarships and prizes for €6,800.



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