€5.53 million extra put on 2011 budget


FIVE amendments for grants worth €5.53 million on the 2011 budget were approved at the Consell plenary on Tuesday. The biggest grant was €4.27 million for the Ministry of Public Works. Another big budget item was the processing of grants to cultural institutions for a total of €1,021,975.

Although for this item there final decision was made by the president’s casting vote as the rest of the votes were tied with 16 in favour and 16 against.


Five others, worth €594,445 were rejected.

They included the Rural Mallorca Association, the Mallorca Musicians for Language, the Mallorcan Equestrian Sports Institute, a transfer for the Mallorca Tourism Association for nearly €100,000, and a collaboration agreement with UIB for scholarships and prizes for €6,800.



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