12-year-old girl prime suspect in death of boy, 6


A 12-YEAR-OLD girl is the main suspect in the death of a six-year-old boy in Granada. She has admitted to the police that she was involved in his death, although it is not known if she is covering for her parents, nor whether it was a tragic accident or a deliberate action.

The victim, named Alejandro, was apparently sleeping when the girl came to look for him at his home, which is in the same apartment block, and told him that she would give him a toy car if he went with her. Half an hour later, she was down in the street playing with other children.


At nightfall, Alejandro’s father began to get worried because the youngest of his five children hadn’t returned home, and one of his daughters told him the little boy had gone with their neighbours’ daughter. The suspect was asked where the little boy was and said she didn’t know, and took part in the search.

According to witnesses, when they visited her home, her mother was extremely nervous and said that her daughter “was going to be the end” of her. When the girl attempted to speak, she was allegedly smacked in the face by her mother. The family and the police searched the house for the boy, but found nothing.

At 1.30am the following morning, the National Police found his body on some wasteland behind the apartment block under the window of the flat where the 12-year-old lives with her parents, who were arrested for their alleged involvement in the crime, but have since been released with charges. Her father attempted to escape from the police. He has a criminal record for attempted murder and had been in prison. Her mother also has a record for robbery, is a drug addict and works as a prostitute.

An autopsy determined that the boy died from brain trauma and an internal haemorrhage caused by the fall, as well as the fact that he was alive before he hit the ground. His mother didn’t find out about his disappearance until his body was found as she was away taking care of her infirm mother.

The girl has been taken to a protection centre outside of Granada as in Spain, children under 14 cannot be arrested, charged or tried.

She had been in the care of the Junta de Andalucia since 2008, but when her parents moved house a few months back to the Molino Nuevo area of Granada where they currently live, she escaped to be with them. Police who came to the area to take her back were unable to find her.



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