FOR five months members of the Taliban dug a 350m long tunnel to free some 450 prisoners from Kandahar Prison Afghanistan. The tunnel was so large the escapees walked upright and had lighting along the way. When they emerged their rescuers had thoughtfully provided cars to spirit them away. The authorities are looking for anyone not wearing shoes – priceless. I cannot wait to see the inevitable film.

The new 110kph motorway speed limit has strangely found me enthusiastically observing it and generally I drive slower than in the past. German-built cars are quite rightly exempt from this law as anyone driving on our ‘autobahns’ can testify. Beamers, Mercs and VWs all shoot by at speed so instead of playing car snooker


(email me for details) we can all now admire German manufacturing excellence as it now owns the fast lane.

This weeks photo was taken on the normally beautiful A1101 between Zurgena and Lubrin. Stopping at a parking area to answer my mobile (yes I even do that now) I was dismayed to see at my feet hundreds of used water bottles dumped in the countryside by ignorant passers by. Last week I announced the iconic symbols of Spain had to be empty fag packets and rusting beer cans so now I add the humble non biodegradable water bottle to the list. Bin bags are in the car for when I next pass so they can all be collected and recycled.

Readers may recall my fascination for telly adverts and surely the least interesting thing to try and sell us is a bank. Halifax I thought won the biscuit for the awful radio station adverts but now NatWest are telling us all how their customer service is fantastic and independently monitored. In August they promise to announce the results of their latest customer satisfaction surveys – no please don’t!

On the other hand the new Walkers Crisps advert with Elle Macpherson discovering that her lover Gary Lineker is cheating on her and carrying on with Crinkles Crisps is a comedy masterpiece. I mentioned car snooker earlier and for strictly research purposes I noticed on Gary’s page on the Walkers website there’s also the rules for car snap and car cricket. Check out www.walkers-crisps.co.uk/garysgreattrips/

For a good while I was bemused when Dutch clients would email me something funny as my solicitor Jose Angel de la Torre also often does and end emails with ‘jajaja!’ Then the penny dropped this week as of course they mean ‘hahaha!’

I love doing The Guardian quick crossword but the cryptic crossword is a different beast altogether. By far the best person I have found to teach me the dark arts of solving one is a native French speaker called Ann Marie who runs El Paniajo in El Marchal. How she manages not to get lost in translation is a mystery to me jajaja.

It’s good to see the old White Horse in Cucador reopen under new management as La Vida. I have tried their light bites menu when passing on a couple of occasions and the food is very good and excellently priced. Real ale is also available so my favourite summer tipple of a proper beer shandy is another good reason to make a pit stop.



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