The death of Bin Laden via the US


IN a United States presidency that has exhibited itself much with a limited and mediocre perception of the world’s difficulties, the death of the terrorist Bin Laden has invited its Commander-in-Chief to be listened to one more time. President Obama did not disappoint. He eulogized death as few could have done under such difficult if not impossible circumstances.

Speaking as a black man with a Muslim name he opened his arms to all for mourning or celebration; a valiant plea for world togetherness under death’s tolling bells. His speech will long be analyzed and recollected in the future as one of the great oratories since World War II.


You can read it with a magnifying glass and see no martyr’s tomb will be but the “man of the desert will disappear into the sea”.

A sigh of relief has been breathed but fanaticism still thrives in the ignorant that blame their problems on those that have and cannot figure out why they don’t.

IF Obama is not ever recognized for anything else during his presidency he can now add to his accolades:

A: Being America´s first black president

B: A speech that will long be remembered as the defining moment of possibly the “beginning of the end” of some religious hatred.

To read the transcript of Obama’s speech visit


Picture Credit: Pete Souza


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