Missing Moldavian sailor presumed dead


A 38-YEAR-OLD Moldavian sailor who went missing from a British container ship is presumed dead. Sea Rescue teams from Almeria, Tarfia and Valencia with boats, helicopters and a plane, carried out a search for the sailor who went missing last Thursday somewhere between the Strait of Gibraltar and Cabo de Gata.

He was travelling on the Thor Star, from the Isle of Man, and was last seen at around 5am when he left his post and went to rest in his cabin.


It was around midday when the rest of the crew noticed he was missing, and they don’t know whether he fell or could possibly have jumped into the sea on purpose.

They went back to look for him while they also called Sea Rescue. The search was called off after almost two days, as it was deemed impossible that he could be alive after so much time in the water.



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