Something has to be wrong


IN a week where Leapy was refused a minimum UK pension, a family of a dozen Ethiopians, who arrived in Britain six weeks ago, were presented with a £6000 a month home and other benefits amounting to a further £1,300 a WEEK. The mind truly boggles. Some six months ago, at the instigation of friends, who told me I was mad not to try, I applied for a UK pension.

Never having been a particularly good member of ‘the club’ I have never handed in a great deal to the system and by the same token never felt it my right to take much out. Most of my life I have had private health insurance, never applied for child benefits and only once, during particularly difficult actor’s short ‘resting’ period applied for the dole. However, before leaving the UK for good, I had undoubtedly paid in a number of years and frankly thought it only fair I should, at 72 years of age, be entitled to a little return. Wrong.


After much form filling and backward and forwarding, I have finally been informed in no uncertain terms, that as I fell short of the 11 years national insurance contributions required, I was entitled to zilch. Nada. Not a single bean.

Now I do of course realise that these two examples stem from vastly different circumstances, but something has to be wrong, when people who have been born in a foreign country, never created one scrap of input or monetary contributions to their host nation, are, within weeks of arrival, handed on the proverbial plate over £11,000  a month in state hand outs, while someone born in the country, who has undoubtedly invested quite a chunk of their existence to their homeland, refused some 30 quid a week!

Bear in mind also, that this is only one family.

Apparently the bill for housing benfits alone is costing the UK some £21 billion a year. From April the 1st (and we all know what that day is!)  housing benefits are supposed to be capped, but even that move has been fudged by an ‘adjustment’ period. It also doesn’t take into account all the other handouts these people are ‘entitled’ to.

I realise the C.C.C. party have a lot on their plates at the moment, but if they keep dragging their feet over these matters, the ever spiralling cost of living affecting those who do endeavour to work for a living, will begin to have difficulty placing anything at all on their own particular platters.

While we’re about it, overseas aid also has to be curtailed. The UK cannot afford to keep giving hand-outs to far flung countries, that not only show no gratitude at all, but are often breeding grounds for terrorists who want nothing more than to blow the hand that helps  feed it to smithereens.

Charity begins at home Dave.

Look after yer own first. You know it makes sense.

Keep the Faith.

Love Leapy



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