Renfe told to improve services for the disabled


THE Ombudsman has issued a report containing the complaints of Almeria residents with the Renfe train stations. For example, the Verdiblanca Association for the Disabled complained that wheelchair-bound passengers travelling between Almeria and Madrid were forced to travel to Sevilla and change there, making the journey longer and more expensive, as well as the fact that the wagons are not equipped for wheelchairs.

Renfe has reported that it is actively working to develop a plan which will make all their services accessible to everyone, in which they are investing €305m.


This includes adapting the long-distance trains, including the Talgo between Almeria and Madrid, will have two spaces reserved for passengers in wheelchairs, as well as toilets for the disabled.

Since 2008, a service has been in place where specially trained staff help passengers with difficulties to access the trains.

Picture Credit: Schumi4ever



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