Man arrested for murder of student witnessed online by boyfriend


POLICE in Toronto, Canada, have arrested a man charged with the death of a 23-year-old Chinese student, whose boyfriend saw the murder online. Qian Liu was chatting online with her boyfriend, who was in China, with her webcam on, when there was a knock on her door. She went to open it and was heard by her boyfriend, Meng Xianchao, saying “no, no, please don’t”.

He also saw the attacker try to hug her, and the attack getting more violent when she refused. He says that he felt helpless and lost control after seeing the attack, insulting the killer via the webcam. He watched until the attacker closed the computer and the screen went black.



He immediately called her family and sent e-mails to the authorities, but it was night time, and they weren’t seen until the following morning. The victim’s mother alerted the consulate. Ten hours later, the police arrived at Qian Liu’s home to find the victim dead and naked from the waist down, although there were no signs of sexual abuse.

A 29-year-old man, Brian Scott Dickson, has been arrested. He was sent to prison on remand. Dickson lived in the same boarding house as Liu, an international English student from Beijing who arrived in Toronto in September 2010.

He apparently intends to plead ‘not guilty’ to first degree murder charges in court.

In January 2006, he was charged with sexual assault. Though the charge was withdrawn three months later, it had a major impact on his life.

Toronto police are now investigating a trail of vile comment board postings advocating incest and paedophilia made by someone using Dickson’s online nickname.



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