I need to find my dog a new home


Dear Connie, I live alone in a small farm in the mountains on the outskirts of Relleu village. I have an 18-month-old American white Shepherd dog, ‘Fang’, who I have brought up from a puppy. I recently had an accident and tore the ligaments in my right foot and, although attending hospital for treatment, I have been unable to rest it due to commitments with my dog.

I now find that my foot is not healing and I am barely able to walk, and the dog is getting no exercise. I believe an operation will be necessary. I have been advised to move to a more populated area and have been offered a flat in Finestrat, but am unable to take the dog.


I feel it necessary to seek another home for ‘Fang’ and would like him to go somewhere where there is land for him to run about. I dread the thought of him being cooped up at some rescue centre.

I have advertised him and contacted kennels that I know with no luck as yet. He is fully vaccinated and has also been neutered. He is good natured. I can be contacted on: 663 642 870

Jim Ireland.



It is with regret that I have to inform you that I get three or four letters a week like yours. Why not take him with you and advertise for a dog walker and that will solve your problems? Maybe a reader will call help.

Remember a dog is for life.

Best wishes, Connie



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