Talk to these people and tell them what you want!


THESE are not mug shots, but some of the best and nicest people in our kingdom. Go up and tell them what you want and how they can make Mojacar a better place to live. IT’S YOUR KINGDOM TOO!

There are some six more groups stepping forward to claim their chance to be in the spotlight. I have mentioned particularly those that have been working all along for this coveted position. Go and talk to them! Tell them your ideas in no uncertain terms. This could be the election in which Mojacar finally unites and takes a progressive step forward for the beach and the town.


Rosa Maria Cano, Mayor. Popular Party

Rosa Maria Cano, current mayor, shrewd politician and hard worker. Representing the national PP party. She appears obsessed building a mega costly underground trophy to herself—get rid of that idea and she might fly. She’s cleaned up the area considerably but has been criticized in the Spanish press lately for some “unusual accounting”. Rumor has it that even if she gets plenty of votes none of the other parties will form a coalition with her — they appear frightened.

Mojacar SE Mueve — Mojacar on the Move

JESSICA SIMPSON is bright, articulate in both languages, has a large following of Brits but isn’t as well known by the Spanish community. She’s no nonsense and sincerely wants to make changes happen and doesn’t want to wait for them anymore! “When will someone do something for the people here in Mojacar, the people that voted them in?”

Union Mojaquera

UNION MOJAQUERA is many formerly different parties rolled into one. They have come up with a very good and simple party manifesto and are well connected to get things done once in power. Diego is in the gas station on the way up the hill, tell him what you want— he’ll listen. Neither of these guys want a salary—to work for their people.


Albert Schroter — former councillor in the town hall; engineer by trade. I do a dis-service saying little about those others around Albert. I know he has selected a good team. But, I enjoy so much talking with him as Albert has ideas, wonderful ones, and all within reality of doing them. Putting Mojacar back on the world tourist map.

Ciudadanos Europeos

”Our party champions integration, full-participation and a strong and united town. We will work for Mojácar, we will work for you”.

Angel Medina is a doctor of Economy and knows his stuff. A  former university lecturer he’s been busy as a bee during the last four years getting the foreigners registered on the Padron (wherein the local government can obtain better funding for its  medical care, schooling etc). Angel has never lost sight of the big picture needed for the village.



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