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Well, well. Words that the old Leaper has been scribbling for years are now being spouted by prime ministers. Cameron’s recent speech contained such a torrent of the subjects we have bandied back and forth in the past I think he must take the Euro!  Have we been quietly fashioning and moulding a UK leader? No?

Well maybe not, but I tell you, He was right on this column’s button. At last someone outside the BNP has chosen to meet these issues head on.  All power to him. If he can successfully put his new open approach into action, especially concerning the ‘ghetto’ and non integration problems, I predict a landslide victory come the next election. 


Most of you know my political leanings (they’re not exactly under a bushel!) but I never cease to be amazed at the number of people who still advocate the Labour Party. This failed society of what I can only call egotistical crooks, initially led by the biggest bandit of all; ambushed an economically thriving, enthusiastic country; rubbed its greedy hands with glee – and then proceeded to destroy it.

They made a mockery of our extremely successful and envied education system.  Sold off the nations gold reserves for a pittance. Gave foreigners the right to make our laws.  Allowed so many immigrants in that the overload all but destroyed our national heath service and hospital infrastructure. Did business with monsters. Were so biased in favour of ethnic minorities, they created racial hatred where it never before existed. They took us into two wars, which are still taking the lives of our precious service men and women.

They endeavoured to cripple our brains with PC an ‘Uman rights issues. Created whole generations of welfare scoungers. Treated us all with total disdain and arrogance and then sent the whole country so skint it will take us years to recover. And some of you still want to vote them back in? Are you off your heads? Or do you have some masochistic urge to be completely humiliated and finally obliterated by politicians?

To my mind anyone who even contemplates a return to this disastrous arm of the political arena requires a serious head examination. And I mean that most sincerely.

Well I finally made it back to ‘Paradise Isle’ (Mallorca). At the moment it’s still as dead as the proverbial doornail.  As is the nature of all tourist boards, the local predictions remain notoriously optimistic, (especially as negative results could mean their jobs!). Not only are we in for a bumper year (again) but they now inform us that, due to their inability to visit Mid East countries this year, thousands of extra holidaymakers are expected to pour into other areas.

The problem is that a whole host of holiday destinations are now waiting in eager anticipation for this unexpected bonus. Shared out we’ll probably get about a thousand head each, and believe me that ain’t even gonna scratch the surface. Well, at least the sun is shining.

Have a good week. Keep a spring in yer step, and whatever ya do. Always keep the faith.

Love Leapy.  




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