Art and history to ‘help’ 35 prisoners


THIRTY-FIVE prisoners from Cordoba prison are now taking part in a course on History and Art, organised and imparted by diocesan volunteers. The aim of the course is to assist the social integration of individuals “currently deprived of their freedom”, according to Cordoba diocese’s Pastoral Care for Prisoners.

Luis Gomez Agost, a History of Art graduate and Geography and History graduate Andres Garcia Cortes, are in charge of the course which is divided into three sections devoted to Cordoba’s history, art and archaeology during the Roman, Islamic and Christian eras.


The course will be rounded out by three practical sessions when participating prisoners, previously authorised by the prison authorities, visit monuments and locations relevant to the period being studied.

Pastoral Care for Prisoners wants this course to complement others it already offers by using culture to “humanise and socialise.”

It will, it hopes, assist in producing better citizens by helping prisoners to know and appreciate the history of their environment, together with its art.

Knowing more about local history, art and archaeology and learning how to recognise and understand the differences between distinct eras would also help to enhance the participants’ self-esteem, said the organisers.




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