Royals to Honeymoon in Benidorm


THE Royal Wedding will not have escaped many people’s attention, and certainly not Sr Agustin Navarro’s. He is the Mayor of Benidorm and quite commendably never misses a trick to promote his town. Along with other even quirkier destinations, Sr Navarro recently threw his hat into the ring and invited William and Kate to sample the pleasures of Benidorm on their honeymoon. Everyone else is doing it, there’s the Maldives and the entire country of Portugal, so why not Benidorm?

Not only Benidorm is trying to get in on the act. A Chilean TV show suggested that the Royal wedding reception food was lacking in Latino flavours and helpfully suggested the inclusion of some Chilean dishes. Apparently cheese fritters are the big thing in Chilean cuisine. But why do people do this? We British wouldn’t presume to suggest our traditional microwavable cheeseburgers for the next Chilean Presidential inauguration party. Next we’ll be given a pan pipes CD for the reception dance, “The Best of Andean Moods, Volume 17”.


Sr. Navarro wrote to Buckingham Palace promising “security, tranquility, quality” and added: “I invite you officially to spend your honeymoon with us. It would be an honour for my town to be involved with your royal honeymoon.” Sr Navarro is a man with a twinkle in one eye, a tongue in his cheek and his other eye on the serious business of promoting his town at every opportunity. Who couldn’t smile at his efforts!

Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon.  A graphic designer has launched a range of royal wedding sick bags. Available in red and blue for £3 each, the novelty items have been designed by Lydia Leith and are on sale via her website. Each hand screen printed bag features a picture of the royal couple below the phrase “Throne Up”. Text below the drawing of William and Kate Middleton reads: “Sick Bag – Keep this handy on April 29th 2011.”

A limited-edition, numbered range of the blue bags has already sold out.

It’s amazing how people make money.




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