Three arrested for kidnapping two men at a brothel


NATIONAL POLICE in Cordoba arrested three people charged with the attempted kidnapping of two men at a brothel. The detainees, aged 47, 27 and 41, are charged with holding people against their will, drug trafficking and aggravated robbery. Police received a call alerting them that someone was being held against their will at an apartment in Cordoba which was used as a brothel.

When they arrived, the two men told them they had been bound and gagged but had managed to untie each other. They claimed they had been tricked into going to the apartment and when they arrived, they were threatened by two men with knives who took their house keys and their personal belongings.


The attackers had then gone to one of the victim’s home and stolen €400. They fled the house when they were seen by a neighbour.

They were identified and arrested within three days at a farmhouse near Montilla where they were hiding. They have criminal records for drug trafficking, bank robbery and other crimes.

Several knives were seized, as well as 120 shotgun cartridges, handcuffs, five kilos of marihuana and cash.

The woman who ran the brothel was arrested later the same day.



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