Tracking down Finestrat phantoms


THE province’s Electoral Census Office could order a reduction in Finestrat’s “padron”, following alleged registration of non-existent residents. This could result in prosecution if “ill-intentioned wrongdoing” was detected said Vicente Martinez, PSOE candidate in next month’s elections.

The party challenged Finestrat’s census after learning that it was the only Alicante town where irregularities occurred.


“This is very serious and prevents residents from electing they council they want,” Martinez said. “Seventy-six suspicious registrations would make a mockery of any vote in a town where the PP won by 18 votes in 2007.”

Prompted by the Partido Popular mayor’s inaction, the PSOE appealed to the Census Office, the only body competent to amend a type of situation which should never occur in a democracy, the spokesman maintained.




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