Ice cream parlour couple’s €1,000 billion shocker


THE owner of an Alicante ice cream parlour received a letter from her bank informing her that she had 90 days to pay €1,000 billion in interest. Encarnacion Gomez, had the shock of her life upon opening the letter from the Guipuzcoano Bank and when she told her husband he thought she must have misread it.

But when Vicente Asencio checked the letter, it indeed stated the couple owed €1,000,000,000,030.89.


Fortunately, after contacting the branch, they were told it was a computer error and management sent a letter of apology to the couple. “They gave us a good scare,” said Vicente.

Encarnacion and Vicente have run the establishment located in the Buevard del Pla neighbourhood for seven years.

With some irony, Vicente Asencio says, he would not have cared if he owed that much money because it would be “a sign that I have much more money. I assure you that if I had taken out ​​a loan with €1,000 billion of interest, I wouldn’t be working in an ice cream parlour,” he joked.




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