Junta could pay compensation for schoolyard stabbing


THE Minors’ Prosecutor in Sevilla is asking for four years in a centre and one year’s surveillance for a 17-year-old accused of stabbing another youth. The events took place at a high school in Mairena del Aljarafe, and the Junta de Andalucia Education Department has also been called to court, as the door to the high school was open at the time, although it should have been closed.

The Junta may have to pay compensation to the victim who was stabbed several times with a kitchen knife, although his size prevented the injuries from being severe.


He was also beaten with a chain and a stone, and hit in the head. His parents have asked for five years reclusion for the attacker and demand compensation as the youth has also left school.

Another 18-year-old is also on trial in court, and both were former pupils at the center who had had prior arguments with the victim.



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