Extra Sensory Perception


ESP is a sixth sense which cannot be verified. However some dogs do have unexplainable abilities. There are many tales of dogs returning to their owner’s home from great distances. Tales of dogs waiting outside hospitals where their owners are having treatment and staying by graves are fairly common.

The most famous was “Greyfriar’s Bobby” who visited the Edinburgh grave of his owner for years. Bobby died on January 14, 1872, and there is a headstone on his grave which reads:


“Let his loyalty and devotion be a lesson to us all”.

My friend Roy Brackenbury, a former police dog handler and instructor, tells of two incidents:

In the first, he and his dog, King, were patrolling a graveyard at night where there had been robberies. King suddenly froze beside a grave, with one front leg raised and tail parallel to ground. He grumble-growled. Roy could see nothing yet the dog would not move or be dragged along. When Roy picked King up to walk past the grave, the dog became a dervish and could not be held.

In the second incident, he and King were patrolling an art gallery from which a painting had been stolen, when the dog clearly signalled that there was a man up a chimney. Roy looked and saw nothing. Then King suddenly flew across the room and hurled himself at a door. At the same time, Roy heard a child’s high pitched voice say seven or eight words. He could not understand what was said, but it was definitely a child’s voice behind a locked door.

So what do you think? Those stories come from an experienced policeman with a highly trained dog. I believe him. There must have been some supernatural force at work and that dog had ESP.

No doubt you have heard of similar weird events.




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