Vera’s ‘naked greens’ outline elections proposals


VERA’S new nudist and eco political party, Integración del Nudismo y del Naturismo-Los Verdes (Inuna), signed the outline of the framework of their collaboration and proposals in preparation for their bid at the May 22 local elections. Inuna, headed by Luis Perez, intends to promote the use of alternate energy, including wind turbines and solar panels in public areas and for street lighting.

New bicycle lanes to get rid of black spots are also on the agenda, including a bridge between Puerto Rey and Las Buganvillas and connecting the track all the way from Palomares to Garrucha and unite Vera beach with Vera village.


More efficient public transport, parks with native flora, and recovery of the wetlands converting them into protected areas are just some of the other objectives and not forgetting defending the right to free choice of clothing and self-image and the social integration and advocacy of nudism and naturism.





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