Spain’s mackerel fishing quota reduced for over-fishing


SPAIN has been penalized by the European Commission for over-fishing mackerel. They have significantly reduced Spain’s mackerel quotes for the next few years in a bid to protect dwindling fish stocks. The Irish Sea Fisheries Protection Authority (SFPA) and other bodies brought this over-fishing to the attention of the Commission.

In 2010, Spanish fishermen landed almost twice as much mackerel from the Cantabrian Sea in the southern part of the Bay of Biscay as they were allowed, exceeding the quota by 19,621 according to investigations.


A control program will be put in place to monitor and control future fishing.

“The recent decision by the EU to impose sanctions on Spain for over-fishing and to protect the valuable mackerel fishery is significant,” said Peter Whelan, Chairman of the SFPA.

“There is a need for all Member States to work together and to comply with the Common Fisheries Policy’s rules in order to ensure the sustainable development of fisheries.”

“The SFPA will continue with our aim of working with other Member States to promote a uniform standard of monitoring, control and surveillance.”



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