Friedrich Schatz


Friedrich Schatz, owns the environmentally friendly Bodega F Schatz based at Finca Sanguijuela in Ronda. He comes from a German family who have been vine growing since 1641. How does a German end up in Ronda producing wine? At 18, I knew two things, one was that I wanted to be a vine-grower (the family business) and the other was that I didn’t wanted to do it back home in Germany.

It was 1982 and I started out on a journey to find the ideal place, climate, soil, natural diversity and below the ‘Wagner Line’ which shows a marked Atlantic influence in wines.


Located in the heart of Andalucia, the Serrania de Ronda is an area where the climate is especially good for this trade, where the Iberians and later the Romans grew vines in the ancient city of Acinipo (land of wines) and old Ronda, as we have seen through the discovery of old coins.

Greatest achievement?
Obtaining the wine denomination for the Serrania de Ronda.

Most memorable moment?
My first wine production in Ronda.

Best gift given? A horse

Would never part with? My knife

Always in fridge? Butter

Artist would collect? Van Gogh

Last CD bought? An ABBA recompilation

The last film that really impressed you? Sideways



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