Why play poker?


ASIDE from just enjoying the game, why should anyone play poker for money? Well it really can be a career option these days. Even if you don’t play full time, you can still get loads of enjoyment from the game and if you work hard enough at becoming a better player, it won’t cost you much and you could also make it a very profitable job.

Poker is a game where studying, reading, watching and deliberately trying to improve your game will produce rewards, hard work will pay off.


But when it comes to poker, most players simply can’t prevent their emotions taking control. We experience anger, machismo, stubbornness and greed and the superstitions that kick in are so funny.

The numbers of times I have heard people blaming the dealer “I can never win when he/she deals” or the cards are the wrong colour, or “I never win when I sit in seat four” and how come he/she is so lucky?

It’s never me. But we allow these emotions to affect our play. So we go on tilt. We get involved in too many hands, staying in pots that we should never have been in the first place, chasing cards to the river and losing again to some lucky so-and-so. Believing in ghosts and fairies is easier than doing the hard work needed to win.

Saying “change the deck” is easier than studying your opponent’s tendencies and adapting your play to their strengths and weaknesses.

Crying, whining, blaming dealers, flinging cards in the air or saying the game is rigged, all exist in the poker world because it’s easier to do that than study and have patience. Most players simply refuse to accept that poker is a difficult and complex game that requires much from them.


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