Marbella socialist candidate’s campaign car impounded


THE Socialist mayoral candidate in Marbella, Jose Bernal, had the car he was using to promote his campaign impounded. Bernal had borrowed a Gibraltar-registered taxi from the 1980s from a supporter, believing that it would be an original way to promote his candidacy.

He claimed that all the paperwork for the vehicle was in order, but just 48 hours later it was impounded by the Local Police for not having the correct permit to drive in Spain as a foreign vehicle as it has been here for more than three years.


Now, the socialists could face a fine of up to €500 and a six month wait to obtain the necessary permit.

They have said that they are being persecuted by the PP, as the car has been driving round the town for a month and it wasn’t until the image of the candidate was printed on it that it was stopped by the police.




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