They should all have been left to their own devices


OK, so I was wrong. A couple of weeks ago I wrote that the West couldn’t afford, and indeed wouldn’t, get involved in the Libyan uprising. In my defence, at the time of writing the Arab League had not entered the fray. When it did, its resolution for Western intervention was undoubtedly the final deciding factor. As for our involvement; personally I am as usual a complete sceptic.

All this righteous rhetoric. ‘Can’t stand by and let people be slaughtered.’ ‘Oppressive regime that has been torturing and murdering its citizens for years’ and so on, leaves me cold.


There are a number of African countries, run by criminal dictators, who have, and still are, torturing and murdering tens of thousands of their people. Many in a most horrific manner. Why don’t we intervene in these areas? Simple, they don’t have anything we want! I don’t think I have to insult your intelligence by spelling that one out? Personally, I think they should all have been left to their own devices, with the West trying to deal with whoever comes out on top.

We have no idea what the position will be should the ‘rebels’ triumph. They could be even worse than Gaddafi. As far as I’m concerned, it’s far safer to deal with the devil you know. Well, only time will tell; meantime we all have to sit back and watch what could be yet another disastrous venture into the Mid East cauldron of dangerous discontent.

My heart did go out this week however to men who are willing to sacrifice the most precious gift of all, life itself – in efforts to save the lives of others. I’m not talking about the misinformed maniacs, who make their suicidal decisions merely to be surrounded by hoards of willing virgins. (Where do all those accommodating young ladies come from?) I’m talking about the men still working to control the nuclear plants in Japan. These men are fully aware that the continued exposure to the heavy radiation is most certainly a death sentence. Possibly in the most painful and excruciating way imaginable, yet still they battle on.

These are the type of people who restore our faith in human nature. Let us pray their efforts are successful and medical science can alleviate any of their future suffering at the highest levels of its expertise. As a final note this week I do take the point of Mr R. who commented on the Euro Weekly web that lumping together all people in prison was unfair. I shall certainly do as you suggest and in the future precede the word   criminal by ‘habitual’ when the occasion arises.

In less than two weeks I shall be leaving the sunny climes of Tenerife, where I have been working for the last five months. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all here who have been so kind and helpful during my stay. It’s been a real pleasure and in Arnies’ immortal words –‘I will’ most definitely ‘be back!’

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy



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