Priest excommunicated for assisting abortion


A BARCELONA priest is to be excommunicated for having helped a young girl to have an abortion. Father Manel, who has been helping people in the Nou Barris area of Barcelona for 30 years, confessed in a book which was written about him ‘Pare Manel, Mes a prop de la terra que del cel’ (Father Manel, closer to earth than to heaven), that he paid for a young girl with no means to go to an abortion clinic to prevent her from putting her life in danger.

He also claims to live with a woman, although they do not have sex, and defends that celibacy should be a choice.


Archbishop Sistach met with him to initiate the excommunication, although he said that this did not prevent the church from recognizing the good work the priest has done for the community for so many years.



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