Apocalypse Now


IN the unlikely event you set eyes on a book called ‘The Camp of the Saints’, leave it where it is unless peering into your own grave appeals to you. If you are not familiar with it the reason may be found in a review by American television presenter and columnist James J. Kilpatrick:

‘The liberal reviewers killed it with ridicule or with silence. The plot was intolerable to them. Our children and grandchildren may soon discover that Jean Raspail wrote not fiction but fact. It is one of the most chilling books of this generation.’ Strong words that describe a work penned in 1973.


It tells of the swamping of Europe by a tsunami of non-Europeans driven to desperation by the four horsemen of the apocalypse: conquest, war, famine and death.

It tells of a terminally weakened Europe, infected by liberalism that lacks the will or courage to effectively repel convoys carrying a million desperate Third World refugees bound for Mediterranean Europe.

The intention of the armada’s firebrands is to colonise Europe by sheer weight of numbers.

Their faith is fuelled by their belief that Europe, undermined by self-loathing liberal idealists, lacks the will to forcibly resist invasion.

In Europe school teachers set assignments for pupils: ‘Describe the life of the poor suffering souls on board the ships. Express your feelings as you imagine that one of the desperate families comes to your home to ask your charity.’ The Church is Hallelujah exultant.

Nearly a million starving, disease-ridden boat people; men, woman and children have set sail. The author describes how liberals, leftists and Christians spew out nonsense about welcoming their brothers to share in the wealth and comforts of Europe.

Today Europe’s Mediterranean Sea defences are stretched as they attempts to frustrate North Africa’s boat people.

This is aggravated further by thousands fleeing war-torn Libya to a backdrop of civil turmoil in Egypt, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

Greece recently appealed for EU border guard support to prevent breaches of its porous border defences.

Italy’s border security prevented a chartered North African ferry carrying 1,800 refugees from entering its waters. In two days a boat carrying 41 souls capsized as 21 refugee filled boats beached on the Italian island of Lampedusa.

Imagine arriving at your favourite beach to be confronted by the sight of hundreds of small and large craft. As they run aground the bosuns’ ladders are thrown and tens of hundreds of thousands of distressed refugees pour into your neighbourhood.

Far fetched? During nine days in 1940 338,000 allied troops, 188,000 of them British were evacuated from French beaches.

In weeks five million Germans were vacuumed up by the USSR.

If that could be done over half a century ago, crossing the Mediterranean today is a walk in the park.

Jeffrey Hart, professor of English at Dartmouth College and Senior Editor of National Review says of Raspail’s prophetic book: “Dismissed by some as fantasy this nightmare vision of a Third World invasion of the Western world has become reality.”

It is the story of the tragic end of European civilisation, which falls, like all great civilisations, by its own hand.




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