Torremolinos animal shelter set to reopen


A MALAGA judge has ordered that the controversial Parque Animal shelter in Torremolinos be allowed to reopen, overruling the town hall’s decision. Parque Animal came under investigation after a vet who had worked with the shelter reported to the Guardia Civil that they allegedly caused the painful deaths of thousands of animals in their care.

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The President was arrested and charged with several crimes, including animal abuse, document forgery, fraud, practicing a profession without qualifications and illegal appropriation.

Another two employees at the shelter were arrested and a fourth person is charged in the case.

Animals were allegedly sacrificed “on mass, in a deliberated, continuous and unjustified manner” with no veterinary control and using very low doses of the euthanasia drug to save money, causing the animals to suffer a slow and agonizing death.

The detainees were set free with charges but the mayor ordered that the centre be closed for six months and fined €15,000.

The judge has ruled that the closure cannot be based simply on a complaint and that a verdict must be reached first.



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