Guide to what’s under the Torrevieja coast


THE department of Tourism has produced a new guide to Torrevieja City’s coastline to encourage, educate and inform those interested in Scuba and snorkelling, what there is to explore along the coast. Although Torrevieja’s bit of the Med does not have sprigs of brightly coloured coral or exotic fish, or a major wreck to explore, if you scuba to it, there is still lots to see and do.

The new publication is edited in Spanish, English, French and German, including a brief but intense depiction of route, location, geographic coordinates, its depth, duration of travel, biotope, recommendations practices for your journey, distinctive environment plus hints and tips for enjoying the most of your experience.


During the announcement of the guides, Torrevieja’s Mayor, Pedro Hernandez Mateo, along with the Director of Tourism, Tomás Arenas, and Councillor for Beaches and the Environment, Eduardo Gil Rebollo, highlighted the important ecosystems and species that inhabit Torrevieja’s shores.

The new guides offer six different routes, three in the coves of Torrevieja, two along Juan Aparicio promenade and one in Punta Prima.



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