Tournament late stages


THE latter stages of a tournament will invariably have many players short stacked, some with hardly any chips and a few players with huge stacks relative to the blinds. This is the time when almost everyone’s willing to gamble. Once you’re in the money, remember now that your costs have been covered and a minimum small profit is guaranteed, you no longer care about going bust so much and should be aiming for the win at all times.

You need to play very aggressively and get lucky at the right times to have a shot at the title. Luck is always a part of poker, and in tournaments it becomes a large factor of the game in the later stages.


With the blinds being very large, and many stacks being very short, most players will be playing a simple all-in or fold game. You can’t wait around too long or you will just get blinded out. You need to be willing to take coin flips, jamming it all-in with your small pairs, any Ace and any two Broadway cards (picture cards).

Then close your eyes, cross your fingers, pray to anyone that will listen and hope the Poker God’s bless you with the winning hand.

You need luck to win these flips if you want to finish first.

In order to become a better tournament player you need to play as much as you can. The more you play, the more you study and apply yourself, the better you will get. Practice strategies that you have read about in articles from the internet or in magazines.

Watch the poker on the tellybox, read forums, buy books or borrow them from other poker buddies. Read, play, reflect and discuss.

Remember: ‘It’s not just a game, it’s a lifestyle.’



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