144 minors awaiting a decision to remain in Spain


SINCE 2009, no minors who have arrived on Spanish soil unaccompanied by relatives have been sent back to their own country. This is mainly because the countries of origin refuse to collaborate in locating the families. When they arrive in Andalucia, they are taken into the care of the Junta in a special centre for immigrant minors.

Within nine months, the authorities should obtain information about their families, and if this doesn’t happen, there are given residence permits. It also has to be considered whether they will be better off in Spain or at home, because in many cases, they have escaped from their homes.



There are currently 144 minors waiting for a decision on whether or not they will be sent home. Most of them are North African and from Ghana and Gambia. Until the decision is made one way or the other, they are illegally residing in Spain.



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