Understanding cats’ unsusual eating habits


Cats that start eating strange items, such as their cat litter, should be checked by a vet. It can be a symptom of illness. Some cats seem turned on by plants or household items, others eat strange substances like cardboard or wool. Some just chew and rip but don’t eat the items and some lick the materials.

But eating strange things like wool or cotton can also be a disorder of the cat’s natural hunting behaviour which is to stalk, pounce, tear off feathers and skin, and eat.


Since ordinary cat food gives no chance of tearing and ripping, the cat looks for this somewhere else. They will tear and rip and then eat — wool, cotton, paper, cardboard, wicker baskets, electric cables… Some cats go out and steal soft toys, bring them home and tear them – imitating the whole hunting sequence.

Experts suggest getting dead whole turkey chicks, day-old chicks or dead whole rats sold frozen by pet shops for reptiles.

These should be the cat’s main diet, eaten in a room like a bathroom where blood won’t get on the carpet! If you want to add a little dry food on top of this do so in a foraging toy, where the cat has to work to get the dried food out. A vitamin supplement designed for cats and fed in the right quantities would do no harm.

Although the whole idea is disgusting to humans, these may be the only way you can cure your cat of what may be a dangerous disorder.



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