Two hunger strikes in less than a year


TWO unemployed men in Cordoba are going on hunger strike for the second time in a year to demand work. Antonio Jurado and Manuel Moya, both former construction workers, have no money to buy food or pay the mortgage or rent, so in February last year they began a hunger strike outside the city hall.

Within days, the mayor, Andres Ocaña, found them jobs with two companies which undertake municipal projects.



However, this only lasted for six weeks, and they can’t find any work in Cordoba. When they first went on strike, they were receiving €426 per month unemployment benefit, now, this has stopped.

Antonio hasn’t paid the mortgage for five months, and will be evicted with his three children if he cannot pay.

Manuel, his brother-in-law, can’t pay the €700 per month on the mortgage nor the rent on the flat where his family is now living. He owes two month’s rent.

Manuel’s sister-in-law, Elena, is also unemployed, and within a month, she will be evicted from the rented flat she shares with her 10-year-old daughter and two-year-old granddaughter.

She has also joined their hunger strike and they claim they will remain outside the city hall until they are given a proper work contract.




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