The Return to Gibraltar


By Ken Sibanda. This is the story of Horace Bates and his time travels back into time, December 1491, to assist the Moors of Spain against advancing Christian ‘reconquista’. Horace returns back to America and must now face the consequences of what he has done — “things are not the same,” he says and embarks on an even more thorough road back to undo the damage he has caused.

Drawing from his education in law and film, Ken Sibanda has written a science fiction book that takes the reader from Boston to antiquity Spain; to California and back to the blistering world of war torn Africa.

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In 2007, a young African American man by the name of Horace Arthur Bates receives an uninvited job offer from the law firm of Zimmermann, Brighton and Associates at a down town Boston law firm.

He is soon asked by hook or crook and much to his reluctance to be part of, ‘The Program’ and to fly a heavy lift jet, named Troy, after the place of war in eastern Turkey, to Spain 1491 to assist the Moors.

Soon Horace beings to suspect that the Program is not what it seems and he starts to tie the loose ends together. It turns out that he was misled and that the sole reason why he was recruited is because of a genetic mutation that allows for time travel.

The real aim of ‘The Program’ has been to clone Horace and to create an army of time travellers.

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