Acquitted of abuse after killing wife


GRANADA Provincial Court has confirmed the sentence which acquitted a 67-year-old man of abuse although he killed his wife ten days later. In June last year, the man was acquitted of charges of abuse against his 42-year-old wife by a Criminal Court in the province. However, on July 1, 2010, he met her in the street and killed her with a hoe.

Granada Public Prosecutor then appealed the sentence, which included a restraining order, but the provincial court has decided that as the only proof in the case was the victim’s testimony, the case cannot be tried again.


At the first trial, it was taken into account that the couple was in the process of separating, but that she refused to leave their home, which belonged to her husband, leading to arguments which deducted credibility from her claims that he had insulted, hit and threatened her with a shotgun.

He allegedly accused her of having a lover and said that “is she wasn’t his, she wouldn’t be anybody’s”.




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