Three years without Angeles


IT has now been three years since Angeles Zurera, aged 42, disappeared from her home in Aguilar de la Frontera, Cordoba. She left behind not only all of her ID, her clothes, her phone and the glasses which she could hardly see without, but also two children aged 18 and 19.

It was around 3pm on a Sunday afternoon when a car horn sounded outside the house and Angeles left, telling one of her sons she would only be a few minutes.



Her family held a march last week to support the justice system and ask that more Guardia Civil and police officers be put on the case, in which there have been no breakthroughs for more than a year.

From the outset, the police treated the case as a homicide, rather than a missing person, and the family has said that all they want is to give her a proper burial.

Her ex-husband was a suspect, especially as just 12 days before she disappeared in February 2008, she had reported him for abuse. The last call to the missing woman’s phone was from him. He was questioned several times and the illegal rubbish dump which he used to deposit building rubble was searched, however, no proof was found against him and he continues to live just 200 metres from the home of Angeles’s parents, in their seventies. One of her sons lives with them, the other has returned to the home where they lived with their parents before they divorced, but neither has anything to do with their father.

While the couple was married, Angeles did not report abuse, and the marriage is supposed to have ended on friendly terms.


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