The other power that is lurking in the background


SOMETIMES I really do despair of our illustrious Western ‘leaders’. Their pathetic waffling in the light of the Mid East events is either frighteningly naive, or – what is far more likely – an arrogant attempt to appease us minions into thinking they really care, while in truth they are all frantically jostling  for position in whatever emerges from the present chaos. All their sabre rattling is most assuredly total rubbish.

The truth is that none of them can afford to become directly involved in any of it. All they can all hope for is that, when the dust finally settles, they can still gain access to the oil they so desperately lust after. (Not forgetting the vitally important Suez Canal!).


The western powers don’t give a monkey who they deal with as long as they can deal. We have been at the mercy of these despots and Arab princes for generations. As I prophesied all those years ago, when it finely hits the fan, we’ll all be in trouble – and aren’t we just. I believe our main problem is that their citizens all hate us.

Because of our dealings and apparent ‘close ties’ with those who have oppressed them, they consider we have condoned the actions of their tyrannical leaders and therefore as much to blame for their present circumstances as those they seek to oust.

Of course, in truth, it is they themselves who have opted to select tribal leaders and unhinged maniacs to lead them and subsequently have only themselves to blame. This mentality is the most frightening aspect of all. With almost 40 per cent of these people* illiterate in some of these countries, and still staunchly tribal, I can only see the emergence of even more of these despots. In the past these countries have had a number of opportunities to embrace democracy and had not either the will, or the collective intelligence to instigate it.

They should look to India if they need to see how true western democracy can become a peaceful reality. India took on board all the west had to offer in advice and example. They then (quite rightly) gave us marching orders and proceeded to make it work for themselves. Although the road has been a little rocky and their human rights record some what short of exemplary, they have persevered. With the guidance of intelligent, dedicated elected leaders, they are now emerging as one of the strongest economic democracies in the world.  

As a final word on this dangerous situation, let us not forget for one moment the other power that is lurking in the background, quietly and ominously awaiting the opportunity to pounce. The Imam’s of Islam, with no doubt bated breath, preparing to present their own particular ‘solutions’ to the problems.  I’m afraid this old boy’s money is very firmly in their corner and if that situation comes to pass, it could well be goodnight boss. Do I hear the phrase ‘Leapy’s paranoid ranting’’ still being bandied about? Somehow I think not.

Keep the faith, love Leapy.

* Excluding Libya, where the literacy rate is 86.8%



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